2009 Spring Thaw Eastern Tandem Rally

DateApril 16-19, 2009
HostsPotomac Pedalers Touring Club
WhereSt. Michaels, MD
Who (else)? Judy Allison and Malcolm Boyd, Beryl Brodsky and Tom Fritz, Van and George Connolly, Deb and Al Cudworth, Barb Flint and Neil McPhee, Martha and Jim Gullo, Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Renee and Fred Neibauer, Pat and Bill Rock, Susan Nicolich and Dave Snope, Elaine and Dale Smith

As Billy Crystal would say, "It was MARVELOUS!" How else to describe the marvelous weekend we all had in St. Michaels. Was it the weather? The marvelous scenery? The delicious food? The sight of so many cyclists? The outstanding rides? The partying? The paceline? Larry Black on his unicycle? Mel and Larry's demos?

Personally, I think it was the MIRKINS.

Gabe ran what I thought was the best ever Tandem Rally. He accommodated nearly 300 cyclists. He mapped out all the rides precisely and advised us in advance of any potential problems. So many options along the way. A ride for everyone.

Thursday's ride to Jamaica Point took us over the Tred Avon on our ferry to the quaint town of Oxford. Stopping on the way back in Oxford, we had lunch at the marina dock "The Masthead" for a great crab sandwich/salad. Dinner at the Town Dock. Ice Cream Social ---and lots of chatter with all our friends.

Friday, The Blackwater Refuge Ride out to Hooper's Island---water all around us with nary a car-----and the best crab sandwich at Old Salty's. A heavenly day.

Saturday --- a full day of wildlife preserves --- and the highlight -- visiting the Halcyon Estate --- (seeing how the rich and famous live.) Next, Sam's Pizza, the best gourmet pizza. (Can we pack it up and bring it back to Philly?) Dinner under the tent catered by Sam. (Again the best.)

Sunday --- our paceline ride to Tilghman Island and back. What a thrill to stay in the game.

Thank you, Gabe and Diana, for treating us to a MARVELOUS WEEKEND.

Pat & Bill Rock

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