Seagull Century (2013)

DateOctober 5, 2013
HostsSalisbury University
WhereSalisbury, MD
Who (else) Ron and Mary Lessard (their first Seagull), Neil McPhee and Barb Flint (also their first Seagull), Tom Fritz and Beryl Brodsky (they have done several), Mark Cook and Cheryl Prudhomme (they have also done several), Dave Snope and Susan Nicolich (our 15th Seagull)

Five DOGS teams gathered at 7 AM on the campus of Salisbury University on October 5 to participate in the 25th annual Seagull Century. The weather could not have been better with temperatures at the start around 65 degrees. During the first 15-20 miles of the ride, the sun was rising through the fog and presented a special backdrop for the thousands of cyclists beginning their 100 mile ride. As the day warmed up, the fog burned off and sunshine remained for the rest of the ride. The wind was light and the temperature later in the day reached a summer-like 90 degrees.

We stopped at all the rest stops including the famous Assateague Island where we got to see the ubiquitous wild ponies; also the longed-for Pie & Ice Cream stop at 84 miles, where the cherry pie a la mode provided a delicious burst of energy for the final leg of the ride. Our group of five teams pace-lined together the entire way and were followed by varying numbers of "Klingon" single bikes, many of whom thanked us for pulling them through. There was even one rider who thanked us for the last time he followed our draft two years ago!

Our group drew a great deal of positive attention throughout the day: "Look at all the Tandems!" "OOOH, we gotta get one of those", "LOVE the jerseys!!" and lots of "Wow!!"s Some of the teams are already talking about going back next year.

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