Seagull Century 2008

DateOctober 4, 2008
HostsSalisbury State University
WhereSalisbury, MD
Who (else) Larry & Brenda Isherwood, Dave Snope & Susan Nicolich, Ron & Barb Anderson, Bruce & Sheryl Kuo, Bill & Pat Rock, Fred & Renee Neibauer, George & Van Connolly, Bob & Deb Schilling (Non-DOGS from NJ), Joel & Lacey Steen (Non-DOGS from MD)

The 20th Annual Seagull Century had over 6,500 registered attendees with 38 states and 6 countries represented. For the first year that we know of their artwork, which is printed on the tee-shirt you receive, had a tandem included in it!

There were a total of 7 DOGS teams that we know of that attended. If there were others, we unfortunately missed them. We rode with 3 other DOGS teams and two non-DOGS teams, Bob & Deb from NJ that rode with the DOGS in 2005, and Joel & Lacey from MD that we met at Mel's this summer when they upgraded and purchased a new Calfee.

The weather was near perfect with cool to warming temps and a slight breeze during the day. We rode our Big Blue Burley because our Co-Motion is still visiting in Eugene, OR to get the dropout fixed. We all were in agreement to ride at a reasonable pace so that we could all stay together and enjoy the ride and the scenery. When we got to Assateague we saw Bill & Pat who were riding with Fred & Renee and Gabe & Diana Mirkin. The rest stops were enjoyed as usual with the usual well-stocked food, drinks and port-o-johns. When we got to the last rest stop, which has a live band and pie & ice cream, we also saw George & Van.

George informed us that he planned to ride his single bike home from Princess Anne, MD. He also told us that this would be his 4th vacation this year where he was riding his single bike home. He recently retired and seems to have a little too much time to ride. :-) He has already ridden home from Martha's Vineyard, MA, Elmira, NY & Cape May, NJ. We are impressed with his determination and enjoyed his ride report that was in the MAFW newsletter about his trip home from Martha's Vineyard. We wish him a safe & enjoyable ride home and would like to hear about his most recent endeavor.

Near the end of the ride, Susan overheard three men on single bikes talking, and the one guy said to his buddies, "Hey, we should get some of those tandems, look, they got girls"! The 6 teams that started in the morning stayed together, and we all enjoyed finishing the ride together still feeling pretty strong. After the ride in the parking lot, while we were packing up the MiniVan that Dave & Susan carpooled in with us, Susan overheard a guy telling the girl walking with him (who was dressed in street clothes) that those tandems look like they would be a wise investment! These are at the top of the list of some of the best "tandem" comments we have ever heard!

The three DOGS teams enjoyed the vast buffet dinner and dessert at the college cafeteria in the early evening. After a well-deserved and long night's rest we had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, where we met two very friendly Orange County Bicycle Club members and shared ride stories and other great events to try out with each other.

This is a great event and about the easiest century you could try... as long as it's dry and not too windy!

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