Seagull Century 2007

DateOctober 6, 2007
HostsSalisbury State University
WhereSalisbury State University, Salisbury, MD
Who (else) Ron & Barbara Anderson, Ed & Pat Gifford, Larry & Brenda Isherwood, Dave Snope & Susan Nicolich, Mark Cook & Cheryl Prudhomme, Bill & Pat Rock, and two guest teams from PA (Dave & Nancy and Tom & Ann)
We arrived Friday afternoon, and shortly after checking into our room we met a tandem couple from Allentown, PA, who were planning to ride with their friends, Tom & Ann, also from PA. It didn't take long to talk tandeming and decide that they would join the five DOGS teams there in the early a.m. for the 100 mile ride. The DOGS enjoyed a meal at Zia's Pasteria which has been voted the best Italian food for the past 10 years! We then visited the vendor area and the BBQ outside at the University until, one by one, teams departed to turn in early for the night.

Saturday was very foggy, so foggy it might have well been misting out, but to our advantage it kept the temperatures down, and we had almost no winds. :-) The fog did not lift until the 5 DOGS teams and the 2 PA teams made it to Assateague Island at the 62 mile mark around noon. Bill & Pat Rock did not make it in time to start with us, but we continued to "meet" them at all the rest stops! It then turned a little HHH with the winds still mild. Unfortunately the fog did hide the farmland scenery for those that were doing this event for the first time.

We arrived at the 3rd and last rest stop and were happy to enjoy the pie & ice cream while listening to a live band playing pleasing sounds to the ears. We were happy to have a nice group that was compatible to working and staying together for what was planned to be a fun/fast ride. To our delight at the finish of the ride, we all ended up putting in our best century to date, without planning it, at well under the 5 hour mark at an average speed of 20.5 mph. Congratulations to Pat Gifford for completing her first century! The DOGS enjoyed the dinner feast at the college and turned in very early to bed.

On Sunday morning, some of us who stayed at the Best Western enjoyed each others' company and talked about the ride of the day before. We bid each other farewell until the next time we get to ride together and made plans for next year's Seagull Century!

Larry & Brenda

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