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Dave Snope found this remarkable photo of... what exactly? You can read more about it here.

Words of wisdom

I wonder how the person who marked this path feels about bicyclists!

Here's a piece of bike gear we don't often see!

How's this for weird? Hammacher Schlemmer sells a Seven-Person Conference Bicycle (!).

Brenda and Larry want to share this image from Cozumel.

Follow this link to see a most unusual kind of bike light.

Exercise and home maintenance, all in one.

Apparently Charlie Brown's kite-eating tree has a relative with an appetite for bikes.

You never have the wind with you -- either it's against you or you're having a good day.
-- David Behrman, The Man Who Loved Bicycles (from CJBC Newsletter, Feb., 2005)
Sign spotted by the Isherwoods on the way to Seagull Century 2004.

Trick trike

Cuba Gooding, bicycle racer...

Walt strikes again! Kids, don't try this at home.

Now, that's a downhill! (Yet another Walt Willard contribution.)

Never get a flat, but the ride sure is bumpy! (Another Walt Willard contribution.)

Trish and Ed say it's a fine day for a bike ride!

Where does Walt find these things?

Courtesy of Marji Brandriss...

Courtesy of Walt Willard...

Licenses seen at MATES 2003, Carlisle, PA. [Dave Kristol]

Ribbit. Contributed by Connie Mertens and Don Engleke. Taken somewhere in Virginia during MATES 2000.

Walt Willard provided these pictures:

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