Other Links

Here's a list of links of possible interest to DOGS members (and non-members).
Tandems East
Marty's Reliable Cycle

Bike Friday folding tandems
Bilenky tandems
Burley tandems
Cannondale tandems
Co-Motion tandems
Rans (recumbent) tandems
Santana tandems, trips
Tandem Bicycle Tours, Inc., tandem-only domestic and foreign tours
S and S Machine (make S&S couplings; useful care instructions)
Phil Latzgo, one of our own DOGS, is building custom bike frames.

Organizations and Other Resources
A really nice set of bicycle-specific New Jersey Bike Maps, done by a serious bicyclist.
This is a nice little introductory tutorial to tandeming techniques.
Types of Bicycles: Learn More About Tandem Bikes!. This page has a pretty comprehensive set of tandem-related links.
pedaling.com is a nice general resource for cycling, including events, tours, routes, and more.
Tandem Club of America
The Tandem Link.com, links to all sorts of tandem resources.
Information about the Tandem@Hobbes listserv and newsgroup.
Bicycling Blind - a place in cyberspace for sighted and blind cyclists to connect and arrange tandem rides. If you would like to captain a tandem with a blind athlete, register on the website so you can be found in our database.

Last modified: 1 January 2016