ETR 2002

August 16-18, 2002
Where: Doral Arrowwood, Westchester County, NY

Click on photos to see a larger version.

The DOGS at ETR.
(Can you find the three changes? (*))
Don and Connie Engleke
Gary and Sandy Gerulat

Gotta learn to be quicker with the camera...

Lily and (most of) Mike Fabricante
Brenda and (most of) Larry Isherwood

[*] Mike Fabricante contributed the doctored group picture. There are three alterations:
  1. Marji and Dave hadn't made it to the rest stop yet when the picture was taken. Their image was taken separately and edited in.
  2. Barbara Kornbluh wasn't wearing her DOGS jersey that day. Can you tell whose jersey she's "wearing"?
  3. Who's that guy to the left? I hear he has a Texas accent.

And the lesson is, don't believe your own eyes!

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