Eastern Tandem Off Road Rally (2015)

DateOctober 23-25, 2015
HostsLarry and Brenda Isherwood
WhereLake Raystown, Heston, PA
Who (else) Mike & Caren Bianco, Jay & Amy Boesner, Tracy & Barbara Cate, Paul & Jane Fialcowitz, Tom Fritz & Beryl Brodsky, Carlos & Sophie Garcia, Joe Scheneck and Dawn Casey, Dave Snope & Susan Nicolich, Jeff Winick & Wendy Samuelson; non-DOGS: Scott & Marie Behrmann, Abram & Leigh Dancy, Sam & Gail Jones, Patrick & Susan Marron

Below are the links to our PICS and VIDEOS for the 4 days we were there riding and hosting. Plus links to Susan Marron's and Carlos Garcia's pictures links.

THURSDAY (Brenda's pics/videos):

FRIDAY (Brenda's pics/videos):

SATURDAY (Brenda's Pics/videos):

SUNDAY (Brenda's pics/videos):

Susan Marron's Picasa Pics:

Carlos Garcia's Google Pics:

Here is a link to a volunteer trail Maintenance workers video of 8 teams & 1 single on Sunday. His name is Rob Sharer.

We also had a Park Ranger take pictures of us. I sent my Picasa links, and we are in their Powerpoint presentation and on Pinterest site, and we may get in the Raystown Visitors Guide for 2016!

Happy Trails!!

Your Dirty Hosts,
Larry & Brenda Isherwood

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