Dear DOGS Team Ride Coordinators:

Thank you for coordinating this DOGS ride.

Enclosed you will find the following that we request you return to us after everybody has returned from your ride or before we (Team Lanterne Rouge--the Wells') go home:

The Waiver/Membership Form is to be returned to us if (1) the non-DOGS do not want to join the Kennel and/or if (2) the team(s) want(s) to become DOGS. In that case, they are to fill out the opposite side of the Waiver Form--the DOGS Membership Form, give you either a check or cash for $10 and please give the form and the money to us. We will handle the administrative end. (The more members we have, the more fun we can have together).

The only time we request return of the LAB Accident Report Form is if anybody has an accident, and then we request that you fill out the LAB Accident Report Form for each of those individuals and return the form(s) to us. We will mail these Forms to the DOGS' Insurance Company.

Your general responsibilities pertaining to the ride include:

  1. Have enough ride directions for each team on the day of the ride.
  2. Be familiar with the ride. (Prior to the day of the ride, please drive or bike the route, checking that all your information is correct, i.e., all roads are ride-able, and, most especially, that there aren't any bridges out; in essence, "no surprises").
  3. Please have each person who will be participating in your ride add his name to the sign-up sheet before the ride begins, thus making your ride an "official" DOGS ride. Non-DOGS are to sign the Waiver, as well as the sign-up sheet.
  4. Make sure everybody is wearing an official helmet (ANSI, SNELL or UL).
  5. Get the ride started. You don't have to lead the ride. Correct route sheets mean nobody will get lost and every team will go at their own pace.
  6. Once the ride is over, either "sweep the route" to be sure all teams have returned or ask somebody (like Team Lanterne Rouge (Team Wells)) to perform the "sweep." This is the way you'll know that everybody has returned safely. If you can't arrange for an immediate sweep following the ride, please go backwards along the route (via car or bike), making sure that everybody is doing ok and finishing the ride without a problem.

Sweeps need not be master mechanics or first aid specialists, but act along the lines of a buddy system (i.e., nobody is left stranded, another team is with anybody who might be having mechanical or physical failures, or has had an accident). Coordinators are not personally liable for problems, which is why we have League of American Bicyclist (LAB) Insurance and Waiver forms signed/filled-out by non-DOGS.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Happy Pedalin'!,

(a.k.a. Team Lanterne Rouge)
Leaders, Doubles of the Garden State (DOGS)
(Telephone) 973-361-1776
(Fax) 973-366-0641