Lancaster, PA DOGS Weekend; Covered Bridge Ride

DateAugust 17-18, 2007
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood
WhereHampton Inn, Lancaster, PA
DateAugust 19, 2007 (non-DOGS)
HostsLancaster Bicycle Club
WhereGreenfield Corporate Center;Lancaster, PA
Who (else) Friday Ride (12 teams): Dave & Susan Snope/Nicolich, Tracy & Barbara Cate, Tom & Fern Goodhart, Bernie & Betsy Carlson, Rich & Michelle Dittmar, Al & Deb Cudworth, Neil & Barbara McPhee/Flint, Ed & Pat Gifford, Pete & Laura Sklarow/Nesbitt, Ed & Trish Troike (and Cam & Karen Witt at a later time that day).
Saturday Ride (17 teams & 2 Non-Dogs from LI): Dave & Susan Snope/Nicolich, Tracy & Barbara Cate, Tom & Fern Goodhart, Bernie & Betsy Carlson, Rich & Michelle Dittmar, Al & Deb Cudworth, Neil & Barbara McPhee/Flint, Ed & Pat Gifford, Pete & Laura Sklarow/Nesbitt, Cam & Karen Witt, Ed & Trish Troike, Mark & Cheryl Cook/Prudhomme, Tom & Beryl Fritz/Brodsky, Rich & Marji Andreas, Bob & Helen Bird, Phil & Julie Latzgo (a day-tripper team), and two single bikes from LI ridden by Steve S. & Bonnie M.
Sunday NON-DOGS Ride (18 teams): Larry & Brenda Isherwood, Dave & Susan Snope/Nicolich, Tracy & Barbara Cate, Bernie & Betsy Carlson, Rich & Michelle Dittmar, Al & Deb Cudworth, Neil & Barbara McPhee/Flint, Ed & Pat Gifford, Mark & Cheryl Cook/Prudhomme, Cam & Karen Witt, Ron & Barbara Anderson, Mike & Anne Kruimer, Ed & Trish Troike, Bob & Helen Bird, Tom & Beryl Fritz/Brodsky, Rich & Marji Andreas, Pete & Laura Sklarow/Nesbitt, Jim & Martha Gullo.


The day was partly sunny and very warm as teams arrived between 10 am and 12 pm for the noonish ride to Lititz. Very shortly after we were on the road, the precipitation started and continued to get heavier. Then the thunder and lightning began. The group was divided into 8 team and 3 team groups. Since we (the larger group) were riding in corn fields we thought it best to turn around and return to the hotel. When we passed through the first of two covered bridges, we came to see that the other 3 teams had already stopped to seek shelter. We continued on, and then the downpours came with some hail along with the lightning. So we stopped under the 2nd covered bridge to wait for the weather to improve enough to continue the ride back.

Cam & Karen Witt called from the highway to see if we were riding and needed a "lift" back. They were surprised to hear that there were 11 teams and even more surprised to hear that, although everyone appreciated their offer, we were all going to "finish" our rides. Hey, you can only get so wet! The rain became a drizzle and we headed back, and by the time we arrived at the hotel the sun was out. So we proceeded to clean the bikes and dry the cycling attire.

We must give credit to teams Troike, Cate & Carlson who waited out the storm in the further covered bridge and continued to do the FULL round trip ride to Lititz. They even commented that they dried out completely except for their cycling shoes during the ride.

Dinner was a "bring your own" in the hotel conference room which ended up sounding like a very noisy hen house! Most teams attended and brought items to share including their favorite wines or beers. At 9:00 pm we had to leave the conference room, so we moved the festivities to the back of the hotel "breakfast" lobby area until slowly but surely all took the elevator to their soft quiet nests to get a rest for the fun to be had the next day.


The weather was much cooler and fall-like, but perfect for riding! After having a bountiful continental breakfast at the hotel, we all left for our 32 mile ride at 9:00 am. We all rode together for a comfortably paced ride through the rolling country-side and some more covered bridges and then on to the Ephrata Cloisters. The group did split into a couple/few groups, but we were glad that most everyone rode together or with some other teams.

During our ride we were passed in the opposite direction by a tandem team that hollered out asking if we were the DOGS! Of course we replied and they turned around and rode with us to the Ephrata Cloisters where they visited with us. They turned out to be the team (Janet & John Weber) that offered the DOGS a place in their home to stay for the weekend if needed by e-mail a few months ago. They had just returned from a 52 day ride across the US on their tandem!!!!

Upon our return to the hotel, some partook of the pool, while others took the afternoon to drive to Lititz to do the touring of the chocolate factory and the town tourist things they had missed when we turned tail and retreated during the storm on our Friday ride.

Dinner had to be in four "shifts", each spaced 30 minutes apart (so as to not overwhelm the cook) at the Lancaster Brewery, since we had 18 teams and 4 Long Island single bike riders totaling 40 people for the Saturday night feast! We "took over" the back room and it was a good thing, since we were noisy while we were enjoying our food, drinks, and DOGS company.

Back at the hotel in the back "breakfast" area of the lobby we again continued our enjoyment of the masses until the last again found their way to the soft comfy nests for a rest before the EARLY departure for the huge Lancaster Bicycle Club Covered Bridge Ride Event.


It was an early (6:00 am) breakfast at the hotel, along with many single bike riders attending the LBC ride from many areas, even one from Punta Gorda, Florida! Our hotel was full of cyclists since it is just a ride through two small parking lots to the ride start, which allows us the convenience of NOT driving along with the other 3,000 or so cyclists to the event start. The weather was cloudy and even cooler than the day before, but most got all or most of their rides done before the light rain started.

There were many DOGS "packs" along the metric route and some on the 1/2 metric route. The metric route has plenty (4) rest stops along the route. But there is a wonderful "extra" rest stop shortly (3 miles) before the lunch stop that is privately run. It is a must stop for all next time they do this ride. From the goodness of their hearts, they started "helping" the cyclists a few years ago when the day was extremely hot and riders needed extra hydration. The first years drink "stop" is now an all out luxury food and drink stop! They have fresh fruit cups, fruit, baked goods and drinks plus a table, chairs and umbrella for rest and shade! They continue to do this out of the kindness of their hearts and seem to enjoy it as much as the cyclists! The lunch stop is a tasty treat at a farm and was a good place for some of the DOGS to "re-group".

We rode with many cyclists, some cars, and horse and buggies along the rolling, covered bridge routes. When we arrived at the finish, our festivities were cut a little short due to the start of the rain. We had two rooms with a very late checkout, which allowed all teams a chance to clean up before their drives home. We enjoyed the last of our chats with our fellow DOGS and said our farewells until next time.

We would like to thank all who attended and helped to make this DOGS Lancaster, PA Weekend 2007 a woofing success! You all helped to make it more than worth our efforts!

Brenda & Larry Isherwood (TeamBreeze)

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