2009 DOGS Awards

Thank you to the following DOGS Teams who led rides during the 2009 DOGS riding season. Each team received an award at the 2009 DOGS Annual Winter Solstice party or will have it mailed to them:

2006 DOGS Awards

Awarded (all in good fun, of course) at the December, 2006, Solstice Party. (See December, 2006 events.)

2006 Superlative DOGS Awards
Power Puppy AwardsYoungest MembersAmanda/Silvija Meixner
Hospitality AwardMost Rides - HostedBrenda/Larry Isherwood
Faithful AwardMost Rides - AttendedBrenda/Larry Isherwood
Incredible Journey AwardLongest Distance TraveledChristina Chan/Rich LeGrand
Old Dogs/New TricksOldest Dogs on Any RideBarb/Tracy Cate
Playful DogsMost FunHelen/Bob Bird

2002 DOGS Awards

Awarded (all in good fun, of course) at the December, 2002, Solstice Party. (See December, 2002 events.)

Award For... To...
Working DOGS The DOGS team that hosts the most rides in 2002 that actually take place with a minimum of three (3) DOGS teams participating. Claire Hamanaka and Walt Willard
Traveling DOGS The DOGS team that traveled the farthest to attend a scheduled club ride as measured from their address of record to the ride start point. (This will be part of the post ride stats on the website.) Brenda and Larry Isherwood
DOGS that can't get a break The team with the most recorded mechanical failures while on scheduled club rides. (Stats also to be tracked on the web site, with an honorable mention for the most "interesting" failure of 2002.) No award. Honorable mention and the "Loctite Award" to Walt Willard for his "interesting" problem, a loose cleat -- that he kept tightening for the rest of the season.
"Power Puppy" The youngest (pre-teen) stoker with the most club ride miles for 2002. (Again to be tracked on the web site.) (No award)
Wet DOGS The team with the most rain cancellations for rides scheduled at least one month in advance. It always rains on their parade. (No award. That's what happens in a drought!)

Last modified: 11 December 2009