Dusty DOGS Hallowe'en Canal Ride

DateOctober 28, 2017
HostsSusan and Bob Schmitt
WhereBulls Island State Park, NJ
Who (else) Rick and Diane Garcia, Aida Maransala and Rob Gmelin, Jane McBunch, Susan Nicolich and Dave Snope, Cheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cucuzella

Five tandem couples and one single guest enjoyed a ghoulishly delightful 33-mile ride to see the most fantastical and whimsical display of Hallowe'en creatures to ever adorn a lawn. The weather was picture-perfect, and after some Hallowe'en baked treats and coffee at Bulls Island S.P., our group set out to see the decorations.

We rode en mass down the streets of Lambertville, NJ, and stopped at a home on North Union Ave. to take a few photos and meet the artist in residence who designed and constructed the magical black and white creatures. The artist, Delores, told us that all the creatures are based on family members and friends in her life. Her favorite creature is a fairy-angel inspired by her granddaughter who has Down's Syndrome. (See the photo of Delores with Susan in front of this angel.)

After our visit, we continued south, through Titusville, to Washington's Crossing S.P., NJ, and over the bridge to Washington's Crossing S.P., PA. We took a break at this park (which has the nicer bathrooms!) and then rode north up the PA side on the towpath in Delaware Canal State Park. This park is 60 miles long, but only about 100 feet wide - easily the narrowest state park we've ever visited. After a bit of fancy peddling through the traffic in New Hope, we were back on the towpath to our lunch stop at the Lumberville General Store.

We sat outside to enjoy the warm fall day and were joined by a bevy of bees, who liked our lunch as much as we did! Then is was a short walk across the pedestrian bridge back over the Delaware River to Bulls Island and our cars.

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If you wish to visit the incredible Hallowe'en display in Lambertville this week, the address is: 141 North Union Ave. Or just follow the crowds - it's a frightfully happenin' spot!

Hope to see you all at the ride, hike and party on November 18th!

Stay Upright, Susan and Bob Schmitt

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