Dusty DOGS Pedalin' on the Paulinskill

DateSeptember 15-17, 2017
HostsLarry & Brenda Isherwood
WhereColumbia, NJ
Who (else) Mark Cook & Cheryl Prudhomme, Cam & Karen Witt, Ed & Trish Troike, Joe Scheneck & Dawn Casey, Tracy Cate & Judy Casey, Bob & Sue Schmitt, Dennis & Linda Fetters.

We had a total of 8 teams participate for some or all parts of the weekend.
We had 6 teams camp at Camp Taylor!
We had 7 1/2 teams at Brook Hollow Winery Friday night for dinner.
There was no ride on Friday, all 8 teams rode on Saturday & 4 teams rode on Sunday.

The $5 dinner or BYO food and free local music by Stan and Elise at the Brook Hollow Winery was fun, delicious, & entertaining with outdoor seating overlooking the vineyard and the Delaware Water Gap... and the wine and wine slushies were tasty too!

All 8 teams rode the 20+ miles out and back to Tracy Cates's farm for lunch and a "mule" ride... see the pics. This is an old army machine and not a living animal :-) One team visited a local Farm and the Wolf Preserve in the late afternoon. The 6 teams camping had a group dinner with the campfire and music afterwards.

Four teams rode the rail trail out and back to Blairstown, toured Main St. and stopped at the Blairstown Airport for a bite for lunch. Two teams toured the Wolf Preserve at the edge of the campground. One of these teams had a few nature visitors at their remote campsite with the more usual deer, but not so usual wild turkeys, and even a passing bear one morning!

We packed and departed for home after a weekend with great weather, riding and company.

Link to Google Photos:
(Mixed pics by Brenda Isherwood, Karen Witt, Cheryl Prudhomme)


Thanks to all who attended our Dusty DOGS weekend!
Your Hosts, Larry & Brenda Isherwood

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