Bundt Park Breeze

DateJuly 15, 2017
Hosts Dave Snope, Susan Nicolich, Mark Cook, Cheryl Prudhomme
Where Bundt Park, Lebanon, NJ
Who (else) Caren & Mike Bianco, Brenda & Larry Isherwood, Pete Sklarow & Laura Nesbitt, Percy & Diana Uribe, Susan & Bob Schmitt.

We had a nice turnout for our ride! We started out by enjoying some of Susan Nicolich's awesome blueberry muffins. The weather was warm but not brutally hot, thankfully. Many of roads were nicely shaded by trees which helped. Everyone stayed together on the ride (except for the Schmitts who had planned an alternate route). We rode at a very pleasant pace and everyone enjoyed the scenery.

At the post-ride picnic, we met up with George & Linda Wells who are currently on the DL due to George's upcoming hip surgery. It was nice to catch up with them. We all went to the local home-made ice cream shop for some delicious ice cream afterwards. Thanks, everyone, for joining us!

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