DOGS Take On Manhattan - Round 3

DateJune 4, 2017
HostsCaren and Mike Bianco
WhereAlison Park; around New York City
Who (else) Tracy Cate, Percy & Diana Uribe, Dennis & Cathy Wombaugh, Kelly Ororiso, Evan & Rachel Spiese (non DOGS), Julie (non DOGS)

Caren and I hosted our third annual DOGS ride in NYC yesterday.

We started the ride with beautiful weather. There were 4 tandem teams and 3 singles: Caren & Mike, Dennis & Cathy Wombaugh, Percy & Diana Uribe, Evan & Rachel Spiese (non DOGS), Kelly Ororiso, Julie (non DOGS), Tracy Cate,

At Chelsea Pier (mile 12), two more tandem teams joined us: Ed & Jenna Peterson, and Charles Planck and his 7 year old nephew Jacob (non DOGS).

This was a huge turnout for an NYC ride!

Everyone had a great time seeing the sights of NYC. You can look at the ride calendar for a description of all the places we went, or you can get a 3D video map view here. (77 sec.)

We stopped for lunch at a brewery in Brooklyn where some Uno was played and we got to watch a motorcycle rally going by.

It started raining during lunch and we had to finish the ride in light rain. Some clothes were shared around by some who had brought extra so that everyone was mostly warm and dry. Everyone was a trooper and hung in there despite the rain and still had fun.

The two late joining teams also left early as they were staying in Manhattan. We decided to cut the ride a bit short due to the rain and didn't go to the Bronx and Yankee stadium.

Everyone stayed closely together for the whole ride with frequent regrouping stops. (Thanks for being our sweep Evan!) If you've never done it, you should join us next year (if we do it again).

Here are my pictures from the ride.

Caren & Mike

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