DOGS Day Out, The Hurricane Edition

DateSeptember 4, 2016
Hosts Alan Scherl, Rita Tesar, Rich Brookler and Debbie Ungerleider
Where Boonton and the surrounding areas
Who (else) Beth Rissmeyer, Caren and Mike Bianco, Dale and Bill Fisher, Cheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cook, Susan and Bob Schmitt, Victoria Donoghue and Ross Benjamin, Wendy Samuelson and Jeff Winick, Susan Nicolich and Dave Snope, Harriet and Rob Voysey, Linda and George Wells (for the after-party) and a large group of BTCNJ members

Alan Scherl, Rita Tesar, Rich Brookler and Debbie Ungerleider led the 4th Annual BTCNJ (Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey) and DOGS ride. We changed it up this year and met at Rita and Alan’s lovely new home (with a pool!). After riding on one of two beautiful routes (one 23 miles and one 40 miles – loved that hill at the end!), we came back to Rita and Alan’s for a fantastic pot-luck feast.

This was our biggest group of the 4 years, with 10 DOGS teams and 39 single riders. Somehow, the hurricane didn’t arrive and we were able to have a beautiful day! Thanks so much to Alan and Rita for opening up their home and to everyone who brought food and drink and helped with set up and clean up. Looking forward to next year!

PS Sorry if I missed anyone, who may not have signed in to the ride, or who just came to the party, but I didn't realize it....

There's a 34 sec. video (9.2MB, Quicktime) of the start of the ride.

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