The DOGS Take On Manhattan - The Sequel

DateMay 22, 2016
HostsCaren and Mike Bianco
WhereAlison Park, NJ; NYC
Who (else) Sophie and Carlos Garcia, Harriet and Robert Voysey

We had a great ride yesterday in NYC. At one point, we had 7 teams signed up for the ride, but ultimately, only 3 teams did it. Rob & Harriet Voysey, Carlos and Sophie Garcia and us. It was drizzling a bit when we started, but that didn't last long. We rode over the George Washington Bridge, down the west side along the waterfront, all the way through the newly opened Battery Park, then past the 9/11 Memorial, over the Brooklyn Bridge, through Brooklyn Heights and the waterfront there. Then over the Manhattan Bridge back into NYC and then over the Williamsburg bridge back into Brooklyn.

We found a nice brewery in Greenpoint and had lunch there sitting outside on a picnic table. Then we rode north in Brooklyn into Queens over the Kosciuszko Bridge. Then over to Roosevelt Island where we saw the FDR memorial. Then back into Queens and over the 59th Street Bridge and up the east side past Gracie Mansion. Then over to Central Park, through Columbia University and the City College of NY, past Yankee Stadium and over the newly opened High Bridge. Then back over the GWB and we were done.

54 miles took about 7.5 hours, including lunch. I left out a lot of sights along the way in that long description above. It was a great ride, 90% of it on bike paths. We'll create a shorter version to do again next year maybe. There's so much to see, it's hard to decide what to drop from the ride to make it shorter.

Rob and Harriet took some pictures:

Sophie took some also:

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