MATES '08 Reprise

DateMay 15, 2016
HostsCheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cucuzella
WhereFlemington, NJ
Who (else) Attendees: Ross Benjamin & Victoria Donoghue, Larry & Brenda Isherwood, Steve Powell & Marie Synnestvedt, Dave Snope & Susan Nicolich, Rob & Harriet Voysey

As we met in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn, location of MATES '08, the sun was shining and warm. We were treated to some dee-licious homemade muffins (thanks Susan!) and bananas (thanks Victoria!) before the ride. Everyone decided to do the longer 31-mile route, so we stuck together through the whole ride. About halfway through, however, the clouds rolled in and the wind kicked up, chilling us to the bone! Despite the changeable weather and a mechanical mishap causing one team to turn back, we finished the ride without getting rained on. Everyone seemed to enjoy the quiet woodsy roads and snack stop at the Unionville Winery. After the ride, we headed over to the local Chili's for a well-deserved lunch. All in all, a great day!

You can view Brenda Isherwood's additional photos:

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