Pre-Moms' Day Ride

DateMay 7, 2016
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood
WhereKittatinny State Park, Andover, NJ
Who (else) Mark Cook, Dennis and Linda Fetters, Bob and Susan Schmidt, Dave Snope and Susan Nicolich; non-Dog Russ Walters.

Attending and braving the damp DOGS day out were: Dave Snope and Susan Nicolich, Bob and Susan Schmidt, Dennis and Linda Fetters, Mark Cook, and non-Dog Russ Walters. We hung out and had a slightly delayed start due to the heavy drizzle, with all doing the short 28 mile route at a slower, safe wet-road pace. The drizzle came and went during the ride, but we never got more than very damp.

We stopped to visit the goats at the "home" and had some bike snacks, finishing the ride as the sun and blue sky peeked through a small spot in the sky.

We all then headed to Brook Hollow Winery to have lunch and enjoy their wine and free live music by Late Night Kennel Club.

Thanks to all who attended and braved the less than enticing weather. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all the Moms out there!

Your Hosts,
Larry & Brenda Isherwood

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