Dirty Dogs @ Lake Nockamixon

DateNovember 7, 2015
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood
WhereLake Nockamixon, Ottsville, PA
Who (else) Marie and Scott Behrmann (almost-members), Caren and Mike Bianco, Sophie and Carlos Garcia, Rob Voysey (single); Harriet Voysey and dog (hiking)

We had a wonderful fall day to ride in the woods yesterday. Attending on tandems were: Carlos/Sophie, Mike/Caren and not-quite-yet-DOGS Scott/Marie. On a single we had Rob, with Harriet and an actual dog taking a hike in the woods. We did one full loop of all five individual loops, had lunch, and then did 3 of the 5 loops before returning back to the parking lot. Then Scott/Marie took our hardtail 29r Fandango out for a short jaunt on the trails for a test ride as a replacement to the Cannondale they currently ride. It was then time to call it a good day out in the woods.

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