Sky Manor Loop

DateOctober 18, 2015
Hosts Cheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cook
Where Sky Manor Airport, Pittstown, NJ
Who (else) Dave Snope and Susan Nicolich, Bob and Susan Schmitt, Rebecca Cronin and Rob Presuto, Linda and Dennis Fetters (not DOGS members yet, but soon to be!)

The day was beautifully sunny but very cold as we met in the parking lot at the Sky Manor Airport in Pittstown, NJ. We certainly didn't expect it to be in the 40's when we planned this ride several weeks ago! However, we had 4 hearty teams joining us, which was great. We all did the shorter 25-mile route option on very picturesque, remote roads that stayed at the top of the mountain and, therefore, had very few hills. We had to dismount and walk across a bridge recently put under construction on Union Road, carefully navigating the back-hoe and other debris. The hosts knew about the bridge out, but decided not to change the route because it was easily crossed and we really like this loop! We took it slow and stopped for a snack/bathroom break at the park where we found several soccer matches going on. After the ride we all stayed for lunch at the Sky Cafe, a wonderful place to eat. As we walked back to our cars after lunch, we were treated to a few snow flurries! We'll definitely offer this ride again in the future (hopefully on a warmer day ❄).

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