3rd Annual DOGS and BTCNJ Tandem & Single Ride

DateAugust 30, 2015
HostsRich Brookler, Debbie Ungerleider, Alan Scherl, Rita Tesar
WhereBergen (NJ) and Rockland (NY) Counties
Who (else) Dale and Bill Fisher

Rich Brookler, Debbie Ungerleider, Alan Scherl and Rita Tesar led the 3rd Annual BTCNJ (Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey) and DOGS ride. There were 2 routes. One was 38 miles and the other 25 miles through Bergen and Rockland counties. We met during the ride at 2 locations and ended finally at Debbie and Rich's house for some food and drink. Although we had a smaller group than either of the past 2 years, a good time was had by all. Three DOGS teams participated. Dale and Billy Fisher joined the leaders and we had 4 single riders from BTCNJ. These photos are from the end of the pier in Piermont.

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