Brook Hollow-ween Haunt

DateNovember 2, 2014
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood
WhereBrook Hollow Winery, Columbia, NJ
Who (else) Caren & Mike Bianco, Susan Nicolich & Dave Snope, Cheryl Prudhomme & Mark Cook.

It was quite blustery late this morning at 11:00 AM. In fact it seemed like the street sign was going to blow off its post when we were "gearing up". We had three teams attend our Halloween Ride, Mike & Caren Bianco, Susan Nicolich & Dave Snope, Mark Cook & Cheryl Prudhomme dressed for the weather along with us. We all decided to do the shorter 25-mile route. Larry told me as an afterthought, that when we first took off, he thought today was the strongest winds we have ever ridden in. We never were cold, it was mostly sunny, not making the extreme winds feel that cold, more just a bit unnerving on the bike a few times.

As soon as we hit the first hill there were some of us who were desperately trying to unzip with our "overly" heavy gloves on to cool down a bit. After the ride we enjoyed the winery indoors and snacked on apple slices with caramel dip, cider donuts & candy until the pizzas were delivered.... Oh, and the wine of course! :-) There was also free live music to enjoy. The hosts were the only team to dress in costume and were entered into the raffle for prizes.

All in all it was a great day to ride and be outdoors, albeit a bit windy, but hey, if Winnie the Pooh can handle the blustery day, then why not the DOGS!

Thanks for all who attended our ride and we look forward to more DOGS rides & gatherings in the future.

Picasa pics of today's ride by TeamBreeze.

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