Clean Kitty, Dirty Kitty Rides and Camp

DateSeptember 26-28, 2014
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood
WhereKittatinny State Park, Newton, NJ
Who (else) Friday Off-Road: DOGS: Joe & Dawn Scheneck/Casey, Carlos & Sophie Garcia. Non-DOGS: Lenny Frielich
Saturday Road: Joe & Dawn Scheneck/Casey, Jan & JoAnne Beliveau, Mark & Cheryl Cook/Prudhomme, Carlos & Sophie Garcia
Sunday Off-Road: DOGS: Joe & Dawn Scheneck/Casey, Carlos & Sohpie Garcia Non-DOGS: Lenny Freilich, Eddie Zuckerman

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We had absolutely beautiful weather for our three day DOGS Camp & Rides Weekend. Two teams arrived to camp all weekend on Friday, Team Isherwood (with Barkley) and Team Garcia.

On Friday we had a late afternoon ride, 6 miles from camp at Deer Park in Hackettstown. This allowed us to set up camp first and those that worked for the day to ride. We had two tandems and three singles and we rode about 12 off-road hilly miles. We got "out of the woods" just before dark.... Whew... well we did bring our lights in case. Team Garcia has lights that are brighter than the lights on my car! Team Garcia made us a delicious BBQ'd dinner afterwards at camp.

Saturday's 35-mile road ride started at Kittatinny State Park and we had 5 tandem teams. We all stayed together, rode by our campground entrance on the ride and stopped near the end at the Tranquility General Store for some locally made ice cream.... Ya' gotta' love the name of that community in Green Twp. :-) After finishing the ride, 4 of the 5 teams picnicked by the Lake and watched the small planes fly in and out of the tiny Lake Aeroflex Airport. The two camping teams and Team Scheneck/Casey had a group dinner at camp with a campfire afterwards. Thanks Dawn & Joe for the main dish, delicious beef stew, and Carlos & Sophie, for the cute little single-serve homemade cheese cakes!

Sunday's ride was again an off-road ride, which this time was in Kittatinny State Park. Two tandems and 4 singles rode about another 12 miles, but not as hilly as Friday's ride. Afterwards some went to a local pizzeria, and Teams Isherwood and Garcia had a nice picnic lunch in the grass under a shady tree before heading back to break down camp and have a safe drive home.

Thanks to all that attended our ride weekend, and we look forward to more DOGS fun in the future.

Saturday Group Photo
Group riding by Lake Iliff (a great blue heron had just taken off)
Group riding by Great Divide Campground Barn
Group riding down past old stone building
Group riding bikes, and girl riding horse. :-)
Your hosts riding.
Group riding by a farm
Bike leaning on plant at Tranquility General Store
Group in front of Tranquility General Store stopped for ice cream break.
Lunch back at Kittatinny State park by Lake Aeroflex watching planes fly in & out.
Sunday group ride start.
Mountain bikes on trails at Kittatinny State Park.
Bikes on trails by Lake Aeroflex & old stone chimney.
Carlos & Sophie on trails by Lake Aeroflex.
Group on trails
Carlos & Sophie tandem team on tight turn in trail
Your hosts on the trails
Residual result to pedal from large log over, completed successfully by TeamBreeze.

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