Dirty DOGS Ride at Six Mile

DateJuly 27, 2014
HostsCaren and Mike Bianco
WhereSix Mile Run, Somerset, NJ
Who (else) Brenda and Larry Isherwood

So we had a great ride last Sunday at Six Mile. It was raining when we left the house, but the radar showed it was clear at the park. It turned out that the park was so dry, it was actually dusty.

It was only Larry and Brenda Isherwood and me and Caren. We had a great day - the trails were in great shape and we just had a blast riding through them. Always love the comments we get from people when they see the Ventana tandem mountain bikes. Recent unique comments were "What happened, you ran out of money for two bikes?" and "God bless you".

I know not too many of us DOGS have tandem mountain bikes, but it would have been great if some single riders joined us. It's a great park to ride in because there isn't a lot of elevation gain and there is very little technical stuff that is hard to ride on. But it's super twisty and fun. You do need a mountain bike to ride there, but suspension isn't really required at all.

There will probably be a DOGS road ride on Sunday, August 10th, so keep the day open and come ride. Details should be coming out shortly.

Also, Caren and I, along with a few other DOGS teams, will be riding in the Priceton Freewheelers 34th Annual Bicycle Event this Saturday if anyone wants to join us. We'll be doing the century, but they have rides from 8 to 100 miles.

So, get out there and ride! And do it with some friends - it's more fun that way. And what the heck - make it a DOGS ride and ride with even more friends!

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