DOGS Along the Delaware

DateJune 8, 2014
HostsCaren and Mike Bianco
WhereBelvidere, NJ
Who (else) Dale and Bill Fisher, Diana and Percy Uribe, Linda and George Wells

Four teams showed up to enjoy the ride planned and executed by Team Bianco. Participating were teams: Bianco (Mike & Caren - our hosts), Fisher (Bill & Dale), Uribe (Percy & Diana--our newest DOGS), and Wells (George & Linda).

Team Bianco chose the route from the NJ Ride Guide and it still works well despite the years that have passed since the Guide was first published. We cannot say that the route is flat and there are a few real "punchy" climbs that you either struggle up in the middle ring or shift down to the granny, but all were doable. Although the ride was planned for 45 miles, we were all moving along quite well when we arrived in Phillipsburg, where Mike convinced us all to walk across the bridge and add a loop of Easton (Pennsylvania). It added about seven miles to the planned 45, but it was a nice day. We were all feeling good, so why not?

We did some urban riding and even some paved trails along the Delaware Canal, eventually crossing back into Phillipsburg (New Jersey). From here on, we were going back inland and that meant climbing, but most of the roads were of a moderate grade and could easily be done in the middle ring, if that was your choice. The roads were rolling and we made a good pace, albeit staying inside the average of 14-15 mph that was promised.

We pretty much stayed together for the majority of the ride. Towards the end, degrees of fatigue set in and spread us out a bit, but we were always in sight of each other.

The ride ended (3:56 PM) with a stop at the Subway Shop in the mall where we had parked in the morning and started the ride (9:26 AM). (Originally, following the ride, lunch was to be at Al's Pizza Parlor in the mall, but, like many shops we saw along the way, it was closed, hence our late afternoon lunch at Subway.) The ride ended and our bodies re-fueled, we got into our vehicles and headed home.

If you weren't one of the four teams, you missed an excellent time out with your fellow DOGS. Of course, there are many opportunities to ride with us. There is the Bear Mountain climbing fest next Saturday and the Summer Solstice Party on 21 June (the actual Solstice, for once). Hope to see you on the road for another DOGS ride. Also, remember that if we haven't participated in your favorite ride, it's because you haven't hosted it for the rest of us to share. Today's ride was the height of simplicity. The Biancos picked a favorite ride, they rode it with the club members, and we had a lunch at the local Subway where we started and ended the ride. It can be that simple.

Linda and George Wells
Leaders -- Doubles Of the Garden State (DOGS)

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