DOGS in the Swamp

DateMay 24,2014
HostsCaren and Mike Bianco
WhereLoantaka Park, Morristown
Who (else) Mark Cook (on a single), Larry and Brenda Isherwood, Percy and Diana Uribe (new team), Robert and Harriet Voysey, Jeff Winick and Wendy Samuelson.

Route Slip [PDF]

Mike Bianco:

We had a great time riding in the Swamp last Saturday. The 40 mile ride was attended by Larry & Brenda Isherwood, Jeff Winick and Wendy Samuelson, (new team) Percy and Diana Uribe, Rob & Harriet Voysey, Mark Cook (on a single) and Mike & Caren Bianco. We rode together, chatting it up on the quiet roads, gawking as we passed mansions and jaw dropping scenery. We finished the ride and picnicked at Loantaka. Rains came by about an hour after we finished the ride. All in all a great day!

Robert Voysey:

Hilly terrain is always a concern for us flat-landers when we venture north into the mountains to ride. Mike delivered on his promise of a ride that was not too hilly. There were a few bumps, as Mike called them, which we down south refer to as hills. It was great riding weather. The scenery was beautiful, especially around the lake. We stayed together as a group, which was fortunate for us, because we lost the cue sheet somewhere in the middle of the ride. These are the rides that Harriet and I enjoy. We get to talk with other teams while we ride and then some socializing at the end over food and beverage. Another great DOGS ride!!

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