Rich and Debbie Lead Their First Ride

DateOctober 27, 2013
HostsDebbie Ungerleider and Rich Brookler
Where From Glen Rock to Nyack and back:
Who (else) DOGS and BTCNJ members: Tandem teams: Tess Antonsson and Nate Morgenstern, Caren and Mike Bianco, Karla Doremus and Rich Tranfield, Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Esther and Franklin Kasmin, Rita Tesar and Alan Scherl; and single riders: Angelo Chavez, Jim Gattuso, Mary Maki, Eric Schmidt, Rick Timiraos, Jair Valencia

We started and ended at Rich and Debbie's house. The weather was perfect, although a little windy. We rode 43.8 miles, with 1896 feet of climbing, and an average speed of 15.5mph, rode under the Tappan Zee Bridge and through the one way CR35 train tunnel. Our midway snack stop was at the Runcible Spoon in Nyack, where we gained some of our calories back. We then continued around our loop, back to Glen Rock, traveling through Piermont (single file, of course), Closter, Oradell and Paramus. There was only one mechanical problem, a broken cable, but the Isherwoods were able to continue, using a stick as a temporary repair.

Our ride was followed by a fun pot-luck after party, with lots of delicious food, drink and conversation. It was great getting the two biking groups we belong to together and we're looking forward to more of the same!

Debbie & Rich

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