Gran Fondo NJ

DateSeptember 8, 2013
HostsMarty's Reliable Cycle
WhereMorristown, NJ
Who (else) Caren and Mike Bianco, Karla Doremus and Rich Tranfield (on singles), Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Bob Weiner

Our DOGS Gran Fondo NJ group shot before the 107 mile HILLY ride.
George Hincapie's autograph on Brenda's ETR 2013 jersey!
Brenda with George Hincapie
Bianco's & Isherwood's and 2,000+ of their Fondo cycling buddies ready to ride.
Hill profile for your bike... whew!
Biancos with 3 miles down and only 104 to go!
First rest stop and lots of hungry riders.
Suprise meet up with Bob Weiner on his single!
Rest stop at mile 78 with Dave Snope volunteering.... Thanks Dave!
Larry & Brenda feeling good after riding from Morristown to the Delaware River & back!
Mike & Caren looking fresh & happy after completing their first HILLY century plus a few!

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