Dirty DOGS Allegrippis Trails Weekend at Lake Raystown 2013

DateJune 14-16, 2013
HostsLarry & Brenda Isherwood and Joe Scheneck & Dawn Casey
WhereLake Raystown, Hesston, PA
Who (else) Jay Boesner & Amy Isherwood, Jeff Winick & Wendy Samuelson, Mike & Caren Bianco

Start Pic at the main TrailHead
Jeff & Wendy and Dawn are very happy trail riders on Friday
Boxer turtle on the trail moved to a safely off
Mike & Caren on the trail & thru the dip :-)
On the trail...Joe, Mike & Caren, Dawn.
The parents (Larry & Brenda) chasing down the "kids" on the trail, Amy & Jay.
I think they can...and they did...Mike & Caren make the tight uphill turn :-)
Group fun during trail lunch at the overlook. Jeff, Wendy, Caren, Mike, Joe, Dawn, Brenda
Jeff & Wendy with an almost oopps fast stop & Mike gives them a "look".
Saturday night group camp dinner.
Mike asks who else is ready for a night ride?"....we are!!!!... Caren, Jay, Larry & Brenda
Photo-op on the night ride....action shots don't come out good on a pocket camera!

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