Getting Dirty in December

DateDecember 2, 2012
HostsTricia and Ed Troike
WhereBatsto Village in Wharton State Forest
Who (else) Malcolm Boyd, Brenda and Larry Isherwood

It was a small group, but we had better weather than expected for the begining of December for a nice ride out of Batsto Village. The trails were in good shape and for Team Isherwood the trails provided a much different ride than the North Jersey trails. For those who know Batsto, we started out on the Green Trail clockwise to a right on the White Trail, picking up Green again going counter-clockwise to Blue which brought us back to the first part of Green, but now going the other way back to the parking lot and lunch. That was about 11 miles. After a picnic lunch, we set out to ride Green counter clockwise to do the section that we missed in the morning. We were not the only different bikes at Batsto Sunday. We also saw a Salsa Mukluk Fatbike with 4 inch tires. In all it was a very satisfying ride and a good start to the winter season.

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