Dirty DOGS Fall Ride & Relax at White Clay

DateOctober 12-14, 2012
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood and Joe Scheneck & Dawn Casey
WhereWhite Clay Park, Newark, DE
Who (else) Mike & Caren Bianco, Tom Fritz & Beryl Brodsky, Jay Boesner & Amy Isherwood, Jeff Winick & Wendy Samuelson, and Joel Steen (Non-DOG).


We decided to host another event/ride again after our inaugural ride here in 2010. Four teams arrived to ride on Friday for 15 miles of fun in the windy woods today. After the ride, we checked in to the hotel. Before dinner, we all enjoyed the happy "two" hours at the Embassy Suites before walking through the hallway to grab a bite to eat at TGI Fridays. The other two teams arrived after dinner to ensure they were well rested & ready for tomorrow mornings ride.


We enjoyed the lavish breakfast the hotel offered, which included omelets made to order. We then decided to delay the ride start by an hour to let the temps warm up to 50 degrees. A tandem friend from MD, Joel, arrived to ride his single cross bike with us today. The shining sun and almost no winds to speak of made for a beautiful warm fall day in the woods. We passed quite a few riders today who had never seen a mountain tandem before. Some took double takes, even turning back around on the trail to get a better look and talk to us for a moment. One guy told us we "made his day", while others were amazed to see one tandem and then started counting up as they were seeing more than one!

Another happy "two" hours were enjoyed at the hotel before we were transported to the Iron Horse Brew Pub for dinner by the hotel shuttle. After dinner we walked down Main street, some enjoyed the make-your-own yogurt cup for dessert and then the shuttle picked us up so we could get some well deserved rest before tomorrow's ride.


We all had another delicious breakfast made by the hotel before some packed up before riding, while others got a late check-out. The temps were more than seasonal today. We started in the 60's and finished in the low 70's with mostly sunny skies. We managed to get our third 15 mile day today before having to clean up & head home.

We had the best fall off road riding weather this weekend, and the best company. The trails are fun and well marked, making for fun and relaxing off-road riding. Some commented that they forgot how fun the trails here were, and that we should make sure not to skip a year like we did last year and make sure we host an event there next year. It thrills us to see how much fun everyone had and we appreciate your joining us and all your thanks.

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