Clayton Park Double Header

DateNovember 13, 2011
HostsEd and Pat Gifford
WhereClayton Park, W. Freehold
Who (else) Barb Flint and Neal McPhee, Brenda and Larry Isherwood

Three DOGS teams attended our impromptu ride from Clayton park. Teams McPhee, Isherwood, and Gifford (hosts) set out for a 25 mi. road ride through the rolling farm country of Upper Freehold on a somewhat windy fall day. The roads we took were lightly trafficked and passed through many horse farms and the Assunpink Wildlife Management Area. Upon returning to Clayton Park we put our road gear away and the captains prepared the off-road "toys" for the afternoon ride while the stokers prepared lunch. With all DOGS fed (some are known to bite if this doesn't occur on a regular basis) the teams took to the woods and trails (two teams on MTB tandems and two riders on half bikes). At the conclusion of the first lap, Brenda graciously offered Barb the opportunity to switch rides (and shoes) so she could get the "full on" off-road tandem experience. So with Brenda on Barb's half bike and Barb stoking for Larry, we set off on round two. With a fair amount of goofing around by a certain two captains, I think Barb got the full picture of what "fun" off road tandeming can be.

Six very tired DOGs returned to the parking area but all were agreeing a good time was had by all. Pat and I would like to thank our fellow DOGs and friends who attended our ride for making it so much fun. It wouldn't be possible without you.

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