Just a Hop and Skip Jenny Jump!

DateSeptember 11, 2011
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood
WhereKittatinny State Park, Andover, NJ
Who (else) Mike & Caren Bianco, Ken & Jo-Ann Brazaitis, Mark Cook & Cheryl Prudhomme, Paul & Jane Fialcowitz, Paul & Jane Kimmel, Neil McPhee & Barb Flint, Dave Snope & Susan Nicolich, Howie Southall & Nancy Robart, George & Linda Wells

We were thrilled to have such a good turnout (10 teams) for our DOGS ride today after having unwelcome visits recently from Irene and then Lee. It was especially nice to see new faces and some faces we haven't seen in a while... not that the familiar faces aren't also nice to see. :-) We think this is a good group ride in that the same route can be 27 to 40 miles in length with the terrain being rolling at most. The group ride start photo is missing Howie & Nancy due to them arriving just after the photo. :-(

The forecast was so-so, but just kept getting better as the ride morning approached. It was bit humid, but it was helpful for body temps that the sun didn't come out. The roads were in good enough shape with just some puddling on the side in places. After the ride we had a picnic in the grove under the pines with a view of the lake and the small local airfield. There were all sorts of foods to be shared, including some delicious desserts! Thanks to all that attended our ride today. It's all of you that make it fun and worth it!

Below is a link of the photos we took today. We hope you enjoy them!

Larry & Brenda

You are invited to view tmbreeze's photo album: DOGS Just A Hop & Skip Jenny Jump Ride 09-11-11

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