2011 Summer Solstice Ride & Party

DateJune 18, 2011
HostsBarbara and Mel Kornbluh (Tandems East)
WherePittsgrove, NJ
Who (else) Robert and Bonnie Adams, Team Biaggi, Nancy and Tracy Carter, Ian and John Gray, Janice and Norm Haber, Mary and Ron Lessard, Joyce and Tom Massey, Cheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cook, Tricia and Ed Troike, Linda and George Wells.

The 18 June 2011 Summer Solstice Sunset Ride and Party are now only a memory. The day was warm, (approaching hot) and humid, as is typical of South Jersey in the summer. Team Kornbluh offered two rides: a 55 mile loop that started at Tandems East and a 24 mile that started from a church parking lot and also served as the “rest stop” for the 55 mile riders.

The individuals who signed up and participated in the Summer Solstice Sunset Ride consisted of the following DOGS and non-DOGS: Team Kornbluh (Barbara and Mel) -- our hosts for the day, Wells (Linda and George) -- your leaders of the DOGS, Massey (Joyce and Tom), Adams (Bonnie and Robert), Prudhomme/Cook (Cheryl and Mark), Troike (Tricia and Ed), Lessard (Mary and Ron), Haber (Janice and Norm), Carter (Nancy and Tracy), Gray (Ian and John) and Team Biaggi.

The terrain is not exactly “pancake flat” -- rather, it rolls across shallow valleys that were formed back when the glaciers melted. While none of the climbs are really stiff, the cumulative effect does work your legs well, but you are also rewarded with a lot of gentle descents that allow for some coasting or getting up speed for the next rise in the terrain. We did have a few informal contests going up the grades--that was fun and Team Wells did have a presence on some of these grades.

Team Wells set off on the 55 mile loop but decided to follow others who wanted to shorten the ride a bit. Actually we only removed about six miles and did have some misgivings as we wandered around looking for Route 611. We found it, got to the rest stop and back to Tandems East.

Our hosts had a nice setup of tent cap with tables and chairs, along with the offerings of food both from our hosts (thank you Barbara and Mel), DOGS members and friends who participated in the event. As usual, the food was excellent and abundant, justifying every calorie that was consumed by what we had just done on the roads. Thank you very much Barbara and Mel for the delicious sheet cake with a tandem on it (of course) -- one of the several desserts. Team Wells caught up and chatted with old friends, fellow DOGS, in addition to one couple -- Team Haber, (Janice and Norm), who renewed their DOGS membership after many years and met folks fairly new to tandeming years, as well. Eventually, the setting sun as well as the toll of the miles sent us all off to rest from our labors and dream of tandem rides yet to come.

Speaking of Tandem Rides yet to come -- the next scheduled DOGS ride isn’t till 30 July -- Dave's Annual HOT Ride and COOL Pool Party, which features the "lovely" climb up Guinea Hollow Road, followed by the screaming descent of Sutton Road. After that, there are no other DOGS rides until September, when we will all get to meet our Out of Country (OOC) DOGS -- Team Schneider (Chris and Marc). That means that there are lots of current and future opportunities for you to share one of your favorite rides with the rest of the DOGS. Keep in mind, the DOGS only have as many rides as you, the members, want to lead.

Linda & George Wells
Leaders – Doubles Of the Garden State (DOGS)

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