Dirty DOGS Allegrippis Off Road Trails Weekend 2011

DateJune 17-19, 2011
HostsLarry and Brenda Isherwood
Who (else) Amy Isherwood and Jay Boesner, Wendy Samuelson and Jeff Winnick. Non-DOGS tandem: Gail and Sam Jones. Non-DOGS single bikes: Joe Scheneck & Dawn Casey, Tony & Michele Wei, Kevin, Axel & Laura.

We had four tandem teams and 4 couples on single bikes attend the three day weekend at the Allegrippis Trails this past Fri-Sun, June 17-19. This was a joint venture with the Picatinny Mountain Bike Group and lodging with the Canvas Campers.

We were pleased to see old and new faces and even a real dog at our event! Non-DOGS from MD, Sam & Gail Jones and their dog Bandit arrived on their Honda Goldwing (Big Bird) with their Ventana ECDM in tow! Not only did Bandit get to ride on the Honda, she also got to ride with them on the mountain bike trails! All others were from NJ except for Jeff & Wendy who drove in from Manhattan with their new Ventanna 29r coupled ECDM.

We had fun following one another up & down the flowy trails of Central PA. Saturday night included the Canvas Campers group bring-a-dish dinner. Jeff & Wendy's Sangria was a huge hit! We then played a game of name that song & band and enjoyed the campfire & socializing.

Most camped in their pop-ups with some in their tent, while others enjoyed the pine cabin. All had a beautiful view of Lake Raystown, which was only a few hundred yards away. Some also spent time on the lake kayaking or power boating/water skiing or enjoying the outdoor camp life with their children.

Below is a link to some photos we took. Hopefully others that took pics will send them to us or add them to our Picasa album.

Larry & Brenda, Your Dirty DOGS Tandem Hosts on the Slimecycle

You are invited to view tmbreeze's photo album: 2011 June 17-19 Dirty DOGS Allegrippis PA.

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