Six Mile Run

DateMay 30, 2011
HostsCaren and Mike Bianco
WhereSomerset, NJ
Who (else)

We had a fun ride at Six Mile Run in Somerset, NJ, on Memorial Day, May 30. We had four off-road mountain tandem teams -- Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Amy Isherwood and Jay Boesner, Pat and Ed Gifford, and ride hosts, Caren and Mike Bianco.

Mother nature dumped over half an inch of rain in the morning, a few hours before our ride, making this the dirtiest Dirty Dogs ride that Team Bianco has ever done. The trails were a bit muddy, causing slippery, messy and somewhat challenging conditions. We had a few falls, but no injuries -- so, par for the course for mountain biking. There was a small competition among the captains with respect to who had the longest multi-tool to fix Ed and Pat's bottom [bracket]. We all kept our humor, and conditions appeared to dry out a bit as the day progressed. Everyone really enjoyed all of the twisty turns. Six Mile Run is a bit of a misnomer. We rode over 16 miles, so we decided to rename the run Eight Mile Run. After the run, we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the shade.

This was a great ending to a wonderful holiday weekend. We can't wait to ride with the DOGS again.

-Caren and Mike Bianco

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