2010 Winter Solstice Party

DateDecember 18, 2010
HostsJudy Allison and Malcolm Boyd
WhereAllison/Boyd house, Medford, NJ
Who (else) Barbara and Ron Anderson, Caren and Mike Bianco, Helen and Bob Bird, Marji Brandriss and Dave Kristol, Beryl Brodsky and Tom Fritz, Deb and Al Cudworth, Jane and Paul Fialcowitz, Barb Flint and Neil McPhee, Pat and Ed Gifford, Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Mary and Ron Lessard, Laura Nesbitt and Pete Sklarow, Susan Nicholich and Dave Snope, Kelly and Jim Odorisio, Cheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cook, Pat and Bill Rock, Linda and George Wells

Another year has gone by and a large contingent of DOGS teams gathered at the beautifully renovated home of Team Boyd/Allison (Malcolm and Judy, respectively), for our Annual celebration (Winter Solstice Party), when the daylight hours grow a bit longer and the promise of spring and more tandeming looms on the horizon.

Malcolm led an intrepid band of DOGS on a journey through the flatlands surrounding their home. Team Wells did not participate in that ride, but we did play a part in the end of their journey. We were about three miles away from their home when we noticed a vehicle with flashing lights approaching. Linda and I both feared that there might have been an injury during the DOGS ride. Fortunately, it was just the local fire department on their annual Santa Claus tour--phew! At the next intersection, there were the DOGS, led by Malcolm on his single bike, turning left onto Main Street towards the house, closely followed by the rest of the pack. We slowed and waved the remainder of the pack to turn, then we punched up the four-way-flashers and followed the pack as a kind of support vehicle, notifying all other vehicles of a slow procession ahead. We got some "thank you" waves from Team Odoriso at the rear of the pack. As they turned off Main Street, Kelley gave us a wave, but did seem a bit perplexed when we followed them on the turn, then the next turn, and even into Team Boyd/Allison's driveway. They finally recognized us!

More and more DOGS teams arrived, as the riders cleaned up and got ready to seriously party. Judy was very busy in the kitchen. (If you haven't been there since the remodeling, all we can say is "WOW!" This is one fantastic kitchen). As with all DOGS parties and post-ride gatherings, we know that the DOGS are great cooks and we love to eat.

There were many conversations about tandeming and all other aspects of our lives. Paul and Jane were often questioned about their cross-country tandem trip this past summer, as well as told their stories to various small groups.

We also gave out the annual awards of DOGS Pints (glasses) to those teams that led rides during this past year. PUBLIC APOLOGY TIME: I (George) made a serious mistake and overlooked the name of Team Nicolich/Snope while giving out the awards. While they did get their pints at the party, the did not get the public notice that they well deserved. I apologize for that oversight.

The party continued for some time. Team Wells had to leave around 6:30 PM because we had an early-up day on Sunday with a busy afternoon to follow. We had a non-eventful return trip and Molly (Meow) was happy to have us back home, albeit a bit upset at our prolonged absence.

As we finish typing this message, we are just about to begin "official" winter and that means that the daylight hours will start to increase, and in a mere 91 days it will be spring! There is already one Dirty DOGS ride posted for 2011 and we are sure you will all host a ride this season.

Linda & George Wells

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