2009 Winter Solstice Party

DateDecember 6, 2009
HostsKaren and Cam Witt
WhereWitt home
Who (else) Many, many teams

[Team Wells report]

There is something curious about Team Witt's new house in Basking Ridge; it actually seems bigger inside than it does outside. Could it be that our esteemed Cam Witt is "The Doctor?" "Who?" "Exactly!"

This was the largest ever Winter Solstice Party for the DOGS and a huge success. Yet despite the large turnout of DOGS members supplemented by some local potential tandemists/DOGS, there seemed to be room to spare for everyone -- okay the kitchen was crowded, but that is where the food was laid out.

The food was, as is usual for our festive occasions, excellent and varied. There wasn't a lot left over and many of us are going to have to undertake both diet an exercise penance for the indulgence -- but it was worth it!

2009 comes to a close and the DOGS are a strong and growing tandem club. The reason for our strength is simple: we like riding our tandems and we like each other -- yeah, it's that simple. There are strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie that shows up at every DOGS ride and every ride where the DOGS show up, demonstrating to the bicycling community (and perhaps the non-bicycling community) how much fun riding a tandem can be. So, a hearty round of applause to all of us and as winter settles in and we hunker down waiting for spring, with thoughts of 2010 and many opportunities to ride with our fellow DOGS on both club rides and gatherings at other organized and slightly disorganized rides.

Is Cam "The Doctor?" I'm not sure, but as we drove away from the party I could have sworn I heard the distinctive sound of the tardis departing.

Linda & George Wells

[Dave Kristol report]

The DOGS gathered for a multi-modal version of the usual solstice party. Yesterday's snow discouraged some potential bikers, so Karen led a hike while Cam led a bike ride, and, of course, there was food. The crowd of thirty-two teams made for a very cozy crowd in the Witts' new, smaller home. Cold drinks ended up on the patio, where the cold weather kept them that way. Meanwhile, the kitchen became a busy hub as people brought, warmed, served, dished out, and consumed a typical DOGS feast. And then there was dessert, um..., desserts!

George conducted the usual concise "business meeting" in which he handed out thank-you gifts to this year's ride leaders: DOGS glasses or DOGS-logo socks. And everyone attending contributed to lively conversation and good fellowship.

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