Dirty D.O.G.S. Lewis-Morris Mutt Madness

DateNovember 1, 2009
HostsKaren and Cam Witt
WhereLewis-Morris Park, Morristown
Who (else) Helen and Bob Bird, Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Cheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cook, Trish and Ed Troike
There was a Dirty D.O.G.S. ride at Lewis-Morris Park on 11/1/09. As most of the Dirty D.O.G.S. never attended obedience school, there was a comfortable lack of structure and discipline to the outing. There were actually two rides scheduled, one at 1pm for a little psycho single track, and another at 3pm for some scampering along the wooded double track at Lewis-Morris.

Brenda/Larry Isherwood and Karen/Cam Witt hit the trails early, with Bob/Helen Bird on their new single mountain bikes (nice riding guys - very impressive) nipping at the tantalizing tandem tails of Teams Breeze and Go4Witt. Not long after the first couple of extended climbs, Bob and Helen left the pack to pursue their own course through the woods and eventually ran across Mark Cook and Cheryl Prudhomme who intentionally arrived too late for the early ride, and too early for the late ride so they could test ride their new mtn tandem before joining the rest of us -they rode awesome!

The Bird/Cook/Prudhomme pack sniffed their way back to the parking lot at 3pm where Ed/Trish Troike we anxious to join the rest of us to play in the dirt, and the Birds left their single bikes at the car in favor of mounting their tandem for the second portion of our ride. This outing did not have a predetermined route, so we followed our noses past Brookside, ending at an extension of Patriot's Path. The Troikes and Birds continued on Patriot's path toward Mendham while the Isherwoods, Cook/Prudhomme, and Witts sought more of the challenging single track terrain.

All riders re-convened at 5pm in the parking lot, changed clothes, and traveled to the Famished Frog in Morristown for the mandatory, post-D.O.G.S. ride chow fest. To commemorate this event, the Famished Frog bestowed rubber frogs on each of us. So, next time you see a D.O.G. with a frog, you will know that canine barked up a few trees at Lewis-Morris Park. If you would like a frog of your very own, I guess you will just have to join us for our next frisky forested froggy foray.

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