Clayton Park Double Header

DateSeptember 26, 2009
HostsPat and Ed Gifford
WhereClayton Park, Upper Freehold
Who (else) Larry and Brenda Isherwood, Neil McPhee and Barbara Flint, Bob and Helen Bird, Dave Snope and Susan Nicolich, Cherylann Dorsey and Tiffany Jessen (prospective new members)

The Doubles of the Garden State doubled their fun at the Clayton Double Header ride on Saturday, September 26, 2009. The day started with six tandem teams taking a 28 mile rolling road ride through the quiet roads and horse farms of Upper Freehold Township and enjoying the beauty of Assupink Wildlife Reserve. The group stayed together as we all got to know our guest riders Cherylann Dorsey and Tiffany Jessen better.

Once back at Clayton Park, a brief break was taken for eating our bagged lunches, enjoying an array of desserts provided by the hosts and of course socializing. Then tandem mountain bikes of all types and descriptions were taken out and thoroughly checked out by Dirty DOGS and road DOGS alike.

Finally four Dirty DOGS teams took to the woods of Clayton Park and completed a 4- or a 9-mile circuit of the park. The trails were very tandem friendly (rolling hard packed dirt trails with a few "rootty" spots and some logs for excitement) and all D.O.G.S. were well behaved as no deer spotted during the ride were chased. We hope everyone attending this ride had as much fun as we did.

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