40 Miles & 4 Gardens Bike Tour

DateSeptember 12, 2009
Hosts Karen and Cam Witt
Where "Witt's End", Basking Ridge
Who (else)Dave Snope and Susan Nicolich, Steve and Roni Sawin

The forecast was glum for the DOGS ride on Saturday, so our ride leaders decided that riding in the rain might prove to be not only uncomfortable, but a bit less safe than on dry roads. So a determined group of us who were not put off by a little wet weather set out from Basking Ridge using motorized transportation and began our open garden tour. The names of the gardens in Pottersville were: An Architect's Garden and Bird Haven Farm. In Far Hills: The Hay Honey Farm, and in Gladstone: Tallquapie. As we came to our first stop, we saw a tandem bike doing the same. It turned out that there were some braver DOGS than us out there doing the garden tour on their tandem. Steve and Roni Sawin had ridden up from their home in Bridgewater and planned on riding the whole tour in spite of the cold rain. As we went from garden to garden, they were never far behind and they completed the entire tour and returned home safely to Bridgewater.

It was a great opportunity not only to see some fabulous gardens, but to visit homes that we would never have had access to on our own. If the ride is planned again next year, don't miss it! Even if it rains.

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