Let's See More Bucks County

DateMay 16, 2009
HostsPat and Bill Rock
WhereHolicong Park, Buckingham, PA
Who (else) Barb Flint and Neil McPhee, Imogene and Steve Treble. Guest: Tom Lyons
Well, the weather wasn't too promising.

Should we go, should we cancel---Oh, let's just do it.

Bill and I were met by DOGS Barb and Neil Flint, and Imogene and Steve Treble. We introduced the DOGS to our friend, Tom Lyons, from SCU and off we went. The weather just got better and better. Tom kept us entertained with his historical notes, filling us in on our mutual adventures to Brooklyn Heights and the upcoming International Race in Philadelphia (THE WALL) and stopping traffic for us.

As we came through New Hope, we were greeted by an old time choo choo train heading for Wycombe. Lots of smoke coming out of his chimney.

Carversville, Pa. has an annual block party in front of the Carversville General Store and we happened on it near the end of our ride---just in time for lunch. There was live music, an art festival, art auction, clowns, plenty of outdoor picnicking, and, would you believe it, "plenty of sun."

Leaving Carversville, we climbed Stover Mill Rd. and enjoyed a great rolling downhill along Ash Mill Road.

So ---- we are going to make this an annual ride through Bucks and Hunterdon Counties. No food to bring. Plenty to eat in Carversville.

Who knows, we might get good weather again!!!

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