Succa-Roller Cali-Ridge Ride

DateMay 4, 2008
Hosts Larry & Brenda Isherwood
Where Isherwood home, Succasunna
Who (else) Dave Snope & Susan Nicolich, Mark Cook & Cheryl Prudhomme, Neil McPhee & Barbara Flint (camp only), Ron & Barbara Anderson

The day started out rather bleak and unappealing, not quite as we would have liked. Riders wore long sleeves and toe-warmers, expecting a chilly ride and hoping for a dry one. However, not too long after we started riding, the sun appeared and warmed us up nicely! Five tandem teams headed west from the Isherwood's home in Succasunna heading towards Flanders and Chester. The roads were familiar and very scenic. We all kept together at a reasonable pace and enjoyed some rolling uphills and great downhills. We rode through several hills and valleys, with a nice stopping point at Dave Snope's house in Califon for water bottle refills and bathroom breaks. The return trip brought us by Susan's house and meandered through Califon for a while, following roads that the DBLS DOGS use on their annual winter Pancake rides, including the fun climb on Frog Hollow. The route back was a bit hillier, especially Pleasant Hill Road, but again, we all stayed together and finished with blue skies above and temps in the high 60's.

After the ride, Brenda and Larry brought out the goodies, including contributions from several attendees. Susan's scones were awesome, as was Dave's gingerbread cake. We sat on the deck and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon eating, drinking and chatting. We were pleasantly surprised when George & Linda Wells stopped by on their tandem which they rode from their home to the Isherwood's for a short visit until they had to head back home to take care of their ill kitty. Of course, we began thinking about next weekend and who would be setting up another ride. So check the DOGS website and join us for a ride real soon!!

Mark & Cheryl

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