Flip-Flop Flapjack Frolic II

DateJanuary 6, 2008
HostsDBLS DOGS; Dave Snope, Brenda & Larry Isherwood & Susan Nicolich
WhereCalifon Island Park
Who (else) Ron & Barb Anderson, Mark Cook & Cheryl Prudhomme, Paul & Jane Kimmel, Neil McPhee & Barb Flint

We were very pleased with the turnout for the first DOGS ride of 2008! The weather was above average and the roads were not bad at all considering the short session of freezing rain that had occurred earlier the night before. Those that had on their "off season" bike fenders were talking about how much they loved them though! More than half of the teams rode their older "spare" tandems which they use for the off season and not so nice weather. These tandems tend to be heavier and help assist for a warmer, harder workout in the colder temperatures.

Everyone arrived back at the park pleased that they had gotten a ride in and looking forward to some good Italian pizza and friendly conversation at the local pizzeria. There was much discussion about all the upcomming cycling events for 2008, most of them the usual great standards and some new events/rides to try out! We all look forward to a great 2008 DOGS tandeming year! Looking forward to seeing all of you all soon,

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