BBCCBC = Borrowed Bucks County Covered Bridge Cruise

DateNovember 11, 2007
HostsBrenda and Larry Isherwood
Who (else) Neil McPhee & Barbara Flint, Ron & Barbara Anderson, Bruce & Sheryl Kuo, Paul & Jane Kimmel, Ed & Pat Gifford

It was a chilly, sunny fall start from the Tinicum Park. We were pleased with the enthusiastic attendance of five other teams to test their cool/cold weather riding gear. With the first gradual climb out of the valley we were warmed by our efforts and the quickly increasing temperatures. We enjoyed three covered bridges on this 33 mile ride with most skipping the short out & back to the 4th and last covered bridge one mile from the finish to visit the much need restrooms at the park. :-) The sunny day and the fall leaves, along with the lightly traveled roads with other tandem friends, made for a beautiful fall day of riding. The bagged lunch picnic at the park was equally enjoyable as were the stories and topics discussed. We look forward to the next fall ride event, which is scheduled for two weeks from now.

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