DOGS Ride from Gillette

DateJune 24, 2007
HostsCheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cook
WherePrudhomme/Cook home; Morris County
Who (else) Susan and Greg Adam, Brenda and Larry Isherwood; Linda and George Wells (post-ride)

Sunday, June 24th was a popular day to schedule personal events. With everyone busy going to church, riding whitewater, entertaining family and recovering from injury; there were just three teams in attendance for the ride from Chez´ Cook/Prudhomme. The weather was beautiful as the teams of Larry/Brenda Isherwood and Greg/Susan Adam prepared for the nearly 50 mile, hill climbing challenge.

The ride started with an immediate climb out of Gillette into Meyersville to warm up our legs. Next was the familiar trek through the Great Swamp, at the end of which started a series of climbs to the peak of Hilltop Road in Mendham. Team Breeze, in an effort to get in some practice for their upcoming Co-Motion event, "breezed" up the hills as if they were flat. Nice job team! Cheryl and I gave it everything we had, used all of the gears that we had and cleared all the rises as well. Greg and Susan fabricated a special, abrogated route circumnavigated some of the hills and took them directly back to their home. It was fabulous to see them back on the tandem again.

The remainder of the ride was not exactly flat. However, teams Breeze and JETStream completed the entire course that went through Ravine Lake, Far Hills, Basking Ridge, Chatham and then back through Meyersville to Gillette. The route was replete with beautiful scenery - well worth doing again some day in the future, hopefully with more teams in attendance.

Afterwards, we setup on the deck for snacks, hamburgers, hot dogs. George and Linda Wells dropped by following their early morning commitment to participate in the social portion of the ride. We covered several topics thoroughly eventually breaking up mid-afternoon. Next up -- DOGS Camp & Ride next weekend. Hope to see y'all there.

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