Ride PA with Team M&M

DateJune 2, 2007
HostsRenee Mayeux and Bud MacIlvain
WhereMacIlvain/Mayeux home, Lansdale, PA
Who (else) Barbara and Ron Anderson, Team Andreas, Deb and Al Cudworth, Barbara Flint and Neil McPhee, Pat and Ed Gifford, Claire Hamanaka and Walt Willard, Team Rock, Linda and George Wells

Team M&M (Bud MacIlvain and Renee Mayeux) led a DOGS ride from/to their home in Lansdale, Pennsylvania on Saturday, 2 June. It was the first Pennsylvania Team to ever lead a DOGS ride! As with most rides in new locations, we had some DOGS Teams who rode their first DOGS ride as well as several of the faithful DOGS teams.

Signed in for the ride were Teams: Wells, Gifford, Cudworth, Rock, Flint/McPhee, Hamanaka/Willard, Andreas, Anderson , and our hosts MacIlvain/ Mayeux.

Lansdale is a pretty populace area of Pennsylvania with very busy roads immediately around Team M&M's lovely townhouse. The good news is that the local drivers are, by-and-large, respectful of cyclists. Team Wells did get a view of a rather strange three-wheeled vehicle on the first leg of the ride. There was also some kind of Corvette event in the area, (or there are a LOT of Corvette owners living in and around Lansdale). Then, how often do the locals get to see a string of nine tandems rolling down the road, with lots of us in matching jerseys! We could have caused an accident.

It did not take long for us to leave behind the heavily traveled roads and find ourselves on low to moderately traveled roads all in good repair. The day was warm and the breezes low. Team Wells has to admit to missing a cue, getting lost and, with the assistance of a local construction foreman, getting back on the route via an alternative path, with just about the same mileage as if we had done it correctly!

We cannot say that the area is flat -- it isn't, but mostly rollers--all manageable. We never had to shift down to the Granny Ring to make any "real" climb. However, George's heart had a shudder when he saw the name of a ski lodge as the designated rest stop. Fortunately, the lodge did not require serious climbing, as we did to get to the ski lodge for lunch at the 1998 ETR (and that is a whole different story).

We did get to see a lot of Pennsylvania countryside that is very close to highly populated Pennsylvania areas. Lots of working farms, and a few "gentleman-farms," long stretches of roads with lovely scenery and the occasional cow. Of course, the ride had to end and we returned to the higher traffic areas as we finished the 40 mile tour.

Following the ride, we had our traditional DOGS eating event. As always a great selection of excellent foods, and lots of conversations. We even had a "small world" moment. Pat Rock was telling the kitchen group (there was another group on the deck--not far from the hot dogs and hamburgers) about her friend that Pat Gifford noted that Pat Rock was talking about her mother (Jeanne Merryman, a former Olympic Athlete -- swimmer). Yes, it is a small world indeed. As is typical of these DOGS rides, as quickly as we assemble, we quickly depart, with fond memories of a great day with the DOGS. As we headed home, there were sprinkles but nothing could diminish the joy of a day out with the DOGS.

Of course, this wasn't the last DOGS event, there are more to come. The next one is up-north, led by Team Flee (Flint/McPhee), on Sunday, 10 June. Be sure to check out the website for details. See you all on the roads!

Linda & George Wells
Leaders - Doubles Of the Garden State (DOGS)

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