2006 Spring Equinox Party

DateMarch 24, 2007
HostsBarbara and Tracy Cate
WhereCate home, Maplewood
Who (else) Helen and Bob Bird, Marji Brandriss and Dave Kristol, Deb and Al Cudworth, Lily and Mike Fabricante, Jane and Paul Fialcowitz, Barbara Flint and Neil McPhee, Claire Hamanaka and Walt Willard, Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Renee Mayeux and Bud McIlvain, Susan Nicolich and Dave Snope, Cheryl Pruhomme and Mark Cook, Linda and George Wells

Barb and Tracy graciously invited the DOGS to their home for the annual spring party, the kick-off to the new season. After you've lived in a place for 53 years, you're bound to collect a few things. Barb and Tracy conducted tours of their c.1920 home, which contains many examples of Barb's passion, American folk art.

There was no ride scheduled, so we engaged in the other activity we're so good at, eating. And socializing. As is customary, there was plenty of excellent food, with an unusual abundance of desserts. Besides three (or was it four?) contributions of brownies, Jane brought a wonderful chocolate pound cake, and Bud and Renee brought an obscenely decadent chocolate layer cake. Although it wasn't chocolate, Neil and Barbara's fresh fruit bowl was delicious and short-lived.

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