2nd Annual D-O-G-S of Long Island Ride

DateAugust 26, 2006
HostsMichelle and Richard Dittmar
WhereDittmar house, Islip Terrace, Long Island
Who (else) Helen and Bob Bird, Deb and Al Cudworth, Brenda and Larry Isherwood, Linda and George Wells; Alice and Jarred Tebo

Even though there was rain falling like cats and dogs in NJ in the morning, that did not deter most of the DOGS teams that planned to participate in our LI members' ride in Islip Terrace. The weather cleared 10 miles before we arrived at their home and stayed away the whole day, and we even had a spurt of sunshine here & there. There were six teams that did the ride, including a potential new DOGS team from Queens, who did not know Richard and Michelle.

The morning started off at their home with hot coffee and goodies to eat. They had a remote start ride with a simple cue sheet for their leader-led ride with numerous wait-ups scheduled along the 48 mile route. Team Wells unfortunately encountered two flats along the route, but we all did the wait-up while they did their repairs. Most roads were very lightly traveled and the scenery was plentiful with woods and farmland. About mid-point they had a scheduled rest stop at a park and we thank Michelle's sister for hosting this much-enjoyed stop again this year. Their route was the same as last year, with the exception of one 8-mile road repavement job being completed, and we took this super smooth road instead of the bumpier alternate road of last year. The return route was flatter and with a tail wind, which enabled them to finish their ride just in time to get home to start preparations for their huge annual picnic with the traditional chili cook-off contest. Everyone enjoyed a shower and then the eating began!

Along with the great spread of food and drinks was plenty of socialization to be had with their neighbors, LI single bike club friends, and the good showing of DOGS! When the night cooled off, the campfire was started and many enjoyed its warmth. The desserts were also delicious and unfortunately the evening had to come to an end, but we look forward to our LI team/friends hosting this much enjoyed potentially day-long ride/picnic event again next year.

Thanks Richard & Michelle!!!!

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